Sunday, January 12, 2014

2013 - Year in Review

2013 was a great year! Many amazing things happened and I had a great year of running! Here's a highlight of some of the best events.

David won his first 50 miler at Glacier Ridge, and ran awesome; and I was luckily there to pace him!

One of my first races of the year was also my best performance - winning TNF Endurance Challenge in Bear Mt, NY when up against big names like Nikki Kimball, and breaking the course record!

I feel like I need to give my dog Reis a shout out. In May she turned 5, and by now we've been together for over 5 years and I really don't know what I'd do without this kid! She's a great companion and one of my favorite trail running partners! This is a pic of us in the Catskills last spring.

David and I were world travelers this year! We flew out to California in June to reunite with friends from the Marines and attend our friend Ryan's wedding!

One of my favorite races this year was the inaugural Manitou's Revenge 54 mile. For whatever reason I am drawn to grueling, difficult races and this race definitely fit the bill. I absolutely love the Catskills and hope to head back to this race this year.

Thanks to my friend, Dave Hunter, in July I got an interview with Trail Runner and was featured in their E-Newsletter, Inside Dirt.

My happiest news of the year happened over the best vacation ever - 15 days of mountain running in Colorado - David and I got engaged!

Colorado was seriously amazing. I could post hundreds of worthy pictures from that trip for my year in review, but I'll let you check out my previous blog posts for that. Colorado 1 & Colorado 2

I took the 100K course record at Oil Creek this year and had a great race and 2nd place overall finish out there!

I seriously have the best crew in the world!

Oil Creek closed out the running year, but still more great things happened! I finished my sophomore year in college (and 4th straight Dean's List semester, I might add) and David and I bought a house together! 

2014 promises some great things! Most importantly: David and I will be married on May 24th! 

In the running world, its almost official that I will be joining the Inov-8 team for the year! I hope to have my best ever running year. I currently am signed up for Bear Mt 50 mile again, as well as the competitive Cayuga 50 mile, and the inaugural Eastern States 100, which I am proud to also be on the committee for! 

Looking forward to 2014!