Friday, December 13, 2013

Running, Not Running, and the End of a Year

So today I went out for a nice easy road run; you might be surprised to learn that since Oil Creek 100K I've hardly been running at all. Seriously - just a handful of times. Not because of injury or anything like that, or really for any reason at all! But it is the first time I've taken a break since I started running regularly, back when I started training for my first marathon in 2009 - and I must say, it has been quite nice.

Today I took my last final of the semester; no more classes until late January! These past few months have been pretty crazy between class work, work work, and David and I buying a house and moving out of our apartment. And so as I was running today, I firstly was reminded of how great running is for collecting your thoughts. I reflected back on running in general and really think this break was good for me (despite my inner conscience repeatedly reminding me how lazy I've been). Typically after the last race of the year, I plow on, running just to run - many times enjoying it because, obviously, I love running, but a lot of times (probably more than I'd like to admit to) I really am just forcing myself to run. And it was great this year because after Oil Creek, without consciously planning on it, I just stopped running. I mean, I did a nice run with Reis here and there, a trip to my favorite places via trail on occasion, but there was no method to it, no training purpose, I just did it because I wanted to and I think that's made all the difference…

So now, before you start thinking that I'm losing it, that I've quit running, or any other nonsense like that, I can assure you… I'm back! I'm ready to start training and set my sights on higher goals for the next year! 2013 was a great year of racing for me - I had some of my best races and accomplished a lot of the goals I set for myself. But honestly, I think 2014 is going to be better! Most of this year my training was inconsistent and definitely inadequate in my opinion. Races came up before I was ready for them and I just got lucky I suppose.

Now as I plan out my year (no Western States unfortunately), and as I start getting back into running again, I've thought of all the things I want to work on and change in my training. I am horrible at doing speed work; I typically prefer to do long runs and run hills. With the races I'm looking at this next year, this won't cut it!

I originally thought about doing a year in review for my blog, and funnily enough, I checked out facebook's account of my year and was amazed by the accuracy! Great races, amazing family and friends, trail running adventures in Colorado, getting engaged, and now buying a house with David! Maybe I'll post it later, but for now - just my thoughts on running.

So guys, enjoy your holidays and if you see me out there running - tell me to speed up! ;)